4 Steps To Take If Your Rooms Are Not Staying Warm

If you feel like the rooms in your house are not staying warm enough, even when you have your heater turned up pretty high, here are a few steps that you can take to try and fix the situations. #1 Clean & Replace The Filter The rooms in your house may not be staying warm enough because your air filter is clogged and dirty. When your air filter gets really clogged up, not enough air will filter through your system to keep your house warm.

7 Ideas For Company's To Recognize Employees

Recognizing your employees for their achievements is an essential component of making them happy. When you recognize a job well done, employees are much happier to work with you. These tips will allow you to better recognize employees who are performing to the best of their abilities. 1. Be sincere in acknowledging all accomplishments. This should occur even when you are not showing people that you are happy with their work.