4 Steps To Take If Your Rooms Are Not Staying Warm

If you feel like the rooms in your house are not staying warm enough, even when you have your heater turned up pretty high, here are a few steps that you can take to try and fix the situations.

#1 Clean & Replace The Filter

The rooms in your house may not be staying warm enough because your air filter is clogged and dirty. When your air filter gets really clogged up, not enough air will filter through your system to keep your house warm.

Check out your air filter. If you have the type of filter that can be cleaned, take some time to clean it. If it is really dirty though, it is best to just replace your air filter.

After your replace your air filter, see if your house heats up properly.

#2 Clean & Open Up Registers

In order for your house to heat up properly, you need to make sure that all of your registers are open throughout your house. Go into each room and make sure that each registry is open. Closing a register in a room that you are not using that much can actually do more harm than good as your house is built to function with all of them open.

Next, make sure that they are not obstructed. If you have thrown clothes over your registries, or if you have furniture really close to them, air may not be properly circulating through your house. Clean off and clear off your registries.

#3 Check The Ducts

Next, if you have a basement or crawl space, go into it and check the state of your ducts. Ideally, you should have your heater running when you check your ducts. Use your hand to see if you feel air escaping from any area on your ducts. If you feel or see an area where air is escaping, you are going to want to wrap duct tape around that area. BE sure to apply the tape directly to where the leak is occurring and on both sides of the leak to ensure that you properly seal your ducts. A leaking duct can allow lots of hot air to escape and can make your house not be as warm as it should. When you have a leak in your duct, you are essentially paying to heat up your crawl space or basement instead of your house.

#4 Call In A Professional

If the three methods above do not increase the temperature inside of your house, you should call up a heating professional. There may be a mechanical issue with your heater or a part that needs to be replaced. A heating professional can run a full diagnostics on your heater and fix whatever issue is keeping you from staying warm inside of your home. 

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