Tips To Help You And Your Partner Or Spouse Choose A New Apartment

Comparing floor plans and touring apartments will help you and your spouse or partner decide upon a living space that is adequate for both of your needs. Prepare a list of benefits and drawbacks associated with each apartment that you and your partner are considering to determine the most favorable rental unit.

Storage Accommodations

A lack of closet space or cabinetry could result in your new apartment being cluttered and disorganized. Contact the manager of several apartment complexes and request a printed floor plan of each apartment style that is of interest. Looking at a diagram of each apartment will allow you to compare the amount of storage space with the amount of living space.

A floor plan may also include the dimensions of each room or storage area. If you and your spouse prefer to have access to separate closets, look for a floor plan that contains double bedroom closets or additional closets within another room of a rental.

Room To Enjoy Hobbies

Having access to an area that can be utilized for personal hobbies will make time within your apartment more pleasant. Review the number of bedrooms featured with each rental. An extra bedroom can be repurposed as an art studio, an exercise room, or a media room.

A one-bedroom unit may still supply sufficient room for hobbies. An extra-large living room or dining room may offer ample space for furnishings and equipment that are needed for an activity that you or your spouse enjoy. 

Entryways, Parking, And Common Areas

Each apartment that you view will feature an entryway that leads directly outdoors or to a hallway that is located within an apartment building. Contemplate how an entryway setup could play into your daily routine.

If you and your partner spend a lot of time outdoors, an apartment with a door that leads to a balcony or a patio may be a better option than a unit that lacks outdoor space and requires the use of a door that leads to an interior hallway.

Check the parking lot size and style that is featured at each apartment complex. For added security, choose a rental that offers a parking lot that is monitored by surveillance equipment or that has fencing around it.

Explore the common areas within each apartment complex that is of interest. A tour of common areas may be conducted before or after touring an apartment that is located onsite. An exercise room, pool, sauna, or tennis court may be featured at some complexes. These amenities may make one or more apartment complexes seem more appealing than the others.