Don't Forget About Your Water Treatment System After Installation

Installing a water treatment system can preserve your plumbing and provide you and your family with cleaner, healthier water for everything from cooking to taking a shower. But just because you now have a water treatment system installed and you no longer have hard water rushing through your plumbing, that does not mean you can just forget about your water treatment system entirely. Regular maintenance is key just like for any other part of your house. Here's why you might want to have a professional come out to your house to inspect your water treatment system on a regular basis.

Professional Maintenance Will Make Sure the Water Treatment is Actually Working

Some people are more sensitive to the taste or feel of hard water than others. You may very well be able to guess for yourself if your water treatment system stops working, but wouldn't you rather like to be absolutely sure? A maintenance check-up will test both filtered water and your unfiltered raw supply to make sure the water treatment system is still working as well as it should be. If the maintenance check-up determines there are still too many minerals in your water supply, additional steps can be taken. 

Clean the Equipment and Change the Filters

All of those minerals in hard water don't just magically disappear when you have a water treatment system installed. They are eliminated only through the part of your system's filters and other parts. Over time, these parts could become gunked up with mineral residue that you'll need to remove in order to keep the system running efficiently. A seasoned pro can expertly clean every part of the system for you while also making sure fresh filters are installed on a regular basis.

Respond to Unseen Issues

There are a variety of events that could potentially cause your water treatment system to stop functioning as it should. A power outage could get its automated schedule for treating the water out of whack. Problems with your water heater or other parts of your plumbing system could bleed over and affect the water treatment system itself. You know how your water treatment system works, but you probably are not an expert on it from A to Z. Bring a water treatment expert into your home on a regular basis, and you'll be able to respond to any potential problems before they turn into a larger repair bill