Reopening For Business? 5 Things Your Signs Should Do In 2020

As you plan for the reopening of your business — or important elements of it that have been shuttered — life cannot go back to 'business as usual.' The landscape in 2020 has changed both for businesses and their customers. And this means that your signage should also change. 

Why is this the right time to assess your signs and see how they could be better tailored for the current situation? Here are five key reasons.

1. Signs Should Pique Interest

First, if your business location has been closed down as nonessential for many weeks or months, people need to see that something has changed. Think about how often they've walked or driven past without anything going on. Something as simple as a new sign in your parking lot can pique interest and alert people that you're ready to receive them again. 

2. Signs Should Help People Find You

As many retail or dining locations reopen, they will need to fight against lost momentum. Customers have become unused to coming into your business, and you have to lure them back. For many, the first thing that signs need to do is direct customers back to the store with bold, noticeable, clear indicators that the establishment is still here and waiting. 

3. Signs Should Reassure Customers

Of course, many clients and customers now expect businesses to behave differently and show how they are protecting the health and safety of the community. Can your signs give people this reassurance? You might add signs directing people to safe social distancing, assuring them of your improved cleaning standards, and committing to an action plan that puts health first. 

4. Signs Should Highlight Your Online Presence

Just about every business should have developed a good online presence during the closure period. Online sales will likely continue to be a valuable element of business, and a viable web presence will help you stay in people's minds if you have to limit business again. Does your signage help people find you online? Does it highlight all the ways they can buy things, do transactions, and interact with you online? If not, add these features now. 

5. Signs Should Create Solidarity

Simply recognizing that times are now different and people have concerns can help you build a rapport with today's clients. A few signs — both interior and exterior — can go a long way toward making your customers feel that you care, that you know what they're going through, and that you want to be part of their lives as everyone rebuilds. 

Signs are often the customer's first impression of your business, and they can set the tone of returning clients' experiences. By updating your signs to draw in clients, show them how you've adjusted for their safety, and create a shared experience, your business can not only open its doors again but also thrive in this new era. 

Reach out to a business sign supplier for more information.