Construction Equipment Rental Questions Answered

There are a number of projects that you may undertake that will require the rental of construction equipment. For those that have never rented construction equipment, you may not be sure of what to expect from these rentals. Once you understand the benefit of utilizing the following few tips, you will be much better prepared to use these services when completing your project.

Invest In A Damage Waiver Insurance Policy

When using your construction equipment, it is possible for it to suffer some various types of damage. In most instances, you will be responsible for paying the costs of repairing these damages. Not surprisingly, this can be rather expensive, but you can protect yourself against these risks by investing in an insurance policy when you rent the unit. These policies cover most of the more common forms of damage that construction equipment may experience. While these policies will add to the final cost of the rental, they can spare you from being liable for some potentially expensive repair costs.

Consider On-Site Service For Extended Rentals

If you will need the construction equipment for an extended period of time, you may want to add a service policy to your rental. Over the course of use, construction equipment will suffer extensive wear and tear. As a result, these pieces of equipment will need to be regularly serviced. To help with this aspect of an equipment rental, you should add a service policy. With one of these policies, the rental company will dispatch a technician to your site to service the equipment. Luckily, this work can usually be done during the evening or early morning so as to limit the disruptions that your project may experience.

Refill The Fuel Tank Of The Equipment

Many pieces of construction equipment will require fuel to function. Sadly, some individuals will fail to properly refill the tank before they return the equipment. If you fail to refill the tank, you may find that you are charged relatively expensive refueling fees. This fee will usually be based on the number of gallons that are needed to fill the tank. By refueling the equipment prior to returning it, you can ensure that you avoid these additional expenses.

Getting the most from your construction equipment rental can be difficult if you have limited experience with these services. Understanding the benefits of having a damage waiver policy on the rental, opting for an on-site service plan as well as making sure to refill the tank will help you to ensure your construction equipment rental experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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