Three Things To Get To Help Out Your Building's Security Services

When it comes to protecting all the valuable equipment and inventory pieces in your business's building, it doesn't pay to cut corners. Instead, you should spare no expense when it comes to both hiring security service personnel and installing the equipment they'll have available to them. So check out these three things to get for your building's security services.

Infrared (Thermal) Cameras

It's all fine and good to get a camera surveillance system on your property, but a normal system won't be much good at night if there aren't any nearby lights. Even if there are lights, intruders could figure out how to move through the areas in shadow that the lights miss.

Head off this possibility by making all your cameras infrared capable. This way, they'll be able to read the heat waves generated by someone's body, ensuring that you'll always be able to spot and disable possible intruders before they have a chance to catch you by surprise.

Central Surveillance Room With Multiple Monitors

Even if you have all the right cameras, your security team won't be able to benefit much from them if there isn't some central room where all the information is collected and processed. With this arrangement, one person can stay in the room permanently and contact the other members of your security team via radio if there are any abnormalities.

Attach as many monitors to your security system's central server unit as you possibly can so that as much information can be concentrated in the area on top of a desk table as possible. You don't want your security team to fail to detect intruders until they've already infiltrated your property because the person assigned to the surveillance room couldn't see all the camera feeds at once on your single monitor.

Multiple Barbed Wire Fence Layers

Just as a castle needs multiple gate layers to be truly secure, your business should have at least two layers of barbed wire around its perimeter. This way, you can put motion sensors in the space between the fences so that an intruder will always be detected as he or she is cutting through the second fence layer with wire cutters.

Multiple fence layers will also send a signal that you take security very seriously, greatly increasing the possibility that any potential intruders will either be deterred entirely or search for another property to infiltrate instead. Fill up the space between the fences with ugly-looking gravel to enhance this psychological effect.

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