3 Services To Offer As A Long Distance Moving Company To Make Your Customer's Lives Easier

As the operator of a moving business, you already provide one of the most valuable services that the average individual will likely need at some point in their lifetime. However, when you primarily help people who are moving long distances, the job of providing good service can get a little more complicated. All of the traditional services are nice to offer in the long distance moving business, but you could transform the way you do business by going above and beyond with your efforts in customer service. Here are a handful of services you could offer to your customers as a long-distance moving company to make their lives easier. 

Split Pick-up and Delivery Services

In some situations, people may be moving a long distance, but all of their belongings are not necessarily coming from or going to the same place. A good example would be a college student who is moving from home, but also has stuff in storage that will need to go with them to their new place or someone moving out of town for a new job who needs to place some of their belongings in storage in the new location because they will be temporarily living in a small apartment. Split pick-up or delivery offered by you will mean customers like this can still manage all of their belongings without paying separate moving bills. 

Car Hauling Services

When a family moves to a new town or state, there will usually be more than one vehicle to drive to the new home. However, in a lot of cases, the family would rather ride together than have to drive separate vehicles. Offering car hauling as part of your long distance moving service will allow customers like this to ride together, while their other vehicle is hauled by your employees to the new destination. 

Home Set-Up and Unpacking Services

In some situations, customers will need their belongings moved to the new place before they can actually leave their current location, either due to work or other obligations. In these situations, it is helpful if you can offer home set-up and unpacking services. This would involve your employees doing the primary set-up of furniture once it is delivered to the home and even unpacking boxes if needed so the new home is fairly close to live-in ready once the customer arrives. This service will be highly preferable to busy professionals who may not have a great deal of time to work with during the move. 

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