Helpful Hints For Packing Your Kitchen Items

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and the way you pack the items in your kitchen for your next move can make it easier to get settled in your new home. Use these helpful hints to pack and organize your items and get your new kitchen ready for your family.

Pack By Shelf And Drawer

Pack your boxes in the same way you have your items organized in your kitchen. Use smaller boxes and devote one box to each cabinet shelf or kitchen drawer. You can even label the boxes in order, such as "shelf one" and "shelf two." This will make it easier to unpack, as you'll simply need to remove all of the items from each box and place them in their assigned area. By using smaller boxes, you can also make your moving boxes easier to carry and limit the amount of fragile items you store in each container.

Get Creative With Packing Supplies 

You don't have to just use plain brown boxes to pack your items. Buy a few boxes made specifically for glassware to keep coffee mugs, tumblers, and wine glasses safe. These boxes have cardboard sections built in, which prevent glassware from bumping into each other.You can place flatware in empty paper towel tubes. Fold the ends inward and tape them shut, and you have instant flatware containers.Sort your flatware by type so you can simply place the contents of each tube in the appropriate slot in your flatware drawer organizer. Save egg cartons before your move, and use them to organize small breakable items, such as salt and pepper shakers or shot glasses. They can be taped shut and placed in one of your moving boxes to keep the items protected from damage.

Pack A Picnic Cooler

You'll likely have some food you need to more from your old home to your new one. Even if you are only moving non-perishable items, consider packing them away in a sturdy plastic cooler for your move. The cooler can prevent items like noodles and bread from becoming damaged in the move, and it also keeps your items at a moderate temperature. This is a particularly good idea if you will be moving in the warm summer months. Consider packing a second cooler with ice and beverages, which can quench your thirst as you are moving. The cold beverages will also mean you have cool drinks waiting for you when you get to your new home.

Create An Emergency Kitchen Tool Kit

You may not feel like unpacking everything in your kitchen right away, but there may be a few things you'll want to unpack as soon as you move in. You can pack a separate box for the kitchen with essentials, such as coffee, filters, and a coffeemaker. You may also want to put paper plates and cups in the box so you can enjoy a meal on your first night in your new home without unpacking and doing a load of dishes. Be sure to place paper towels, kitchen garbage bags, and a few small snack in the box as well.

With a few helpful hints, you can begin to feel comfortable in your new kitchen shortly after moving in. Talk to your moving company about any other packing supplies or moving ideas you can use to help prepare for your transition to a new home.