Are Triangular Mailing Tubes Worth A Shot?

If you need to mail out several posters, plans, or other items that would normally be rolled up, you know that you could always send them in round mailing tubes. But quality round tubes can be expensive, and you may be looking at cheaper alternatives like the triangular tubes that you can get, often free, when you are mailing something using certain services. But are these triangular tubes worth it, or do they have quirks that make them more difficult to use?

Staying Put

The main advantage to using a triangular tube is that it's not going anywhere once you set it down. Round tubes can roll fast and far, but the triangular ones will just sit on one side. That prevents unintentional damage if the tube rolls into an area where something can fall on it or someone can step on it. The triangular tube also won't shift a lot on conveyor belts; this shifting (as in a round tube rolling a bit as the belt moves) could result in the edges of a round tube sustaining damage. But the triangular tube won't have to deal with that. If you've had tubes damaged because they rolled off a conveyor belt, for example, then a triangular tube may be the one you want to use next time you have to mail something.

Edges Sticking Out

However, the triangular shape does mean that there will be three edges sticking out. These edges can get caught in machinery or become damaged when going through mail processing machines. If a triangular tube is made from thick, strong material, the damage will be mainly cosmetic. But triangular tubes are often made from thinner material, while round tubes often use heavy-duty cardboard that is not as easy to damage. If it's important to you that the tube arrive with as little exterior damage as possible, you may want to use a round tube.

Combined Protection

One thing you might want to try is double-wrapping using both containers. Place the items you need to mail into a round tube for protection, and place the round tube inside a triangular tube for anti-rolling purposes. Stuff the spaces in between the tubes with newspaper, butcher paper, or foam peanuts to ensure great padding and provide more protection.

Contact mailing supply stores and companies, such as Chicago Mailing Tube Co., to see which sizes they offer. If you can find round tubes that fit inside triangular tubes, try using that combination.