Tips For Moving With Small Children

The process of moving can be overwhelming for small children, which in turn, makes the process harder for you. Not only do you have to organize and pack everything in your home, you have to get it all done with a clingy toddler in tow. Some days, packing even just one box might feel like a huge accomplishment. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to make moving easier for your little ones and you.

Discuss Your Upcoming Move

Most little kids have a daily routine, and any adjustments to this routine can be stressful for them. You can help ease any anxiety your child may be feeling by discussing your upcoming move with your toddler. When you discuss your pending move, make sure you mention:

That the entire family is moving. It's common for toddlers to feel anxious about a move, because they have yet to grasp the entire concept. Reassuring your toddler that no family members will be left at the old house may be a big relief.

A detailed description of the new house. Talk about what your child's room will look like after the move, and remind your little one that all of his or her treasures are going into the new room.

How fun it will be to pack your toddler's "special treasure box" for the move. Then, before moving day arrives, fill a cardboard box with anything your little one considers a valuable treasure, and make sure that box rides to the new home in the car near your toddler. If you have enough time before your move, you can even help your little one decorate the box with crayons, markers, or stickers.

Hire Movers

Many companies give you the option to hire movers with your truck rental. Many people avoid this option in favor of saving money. However, when you're moving with one or more small children, you should consider splurging. Hiring movers drastically reduces your to-do list, so you'll have more free time to spend with your little ones on moving day. Remember, it's common for little ones to be extra clingy when things change, so moving day could easily trigger a meltdown for a small child or toddler. If you hire movers when you reserve your rental truck, you'll have plenty of time to comfort your children.

Moving can be difficult anytime, but trying to move an entire household with small children underfoot can be really stressful. Spend some time talking to your children about your upcoming move, and consider hiring movers when you reserve your rental truck to make your move a breeze. For more information, contact local professionals like Elite Truck Rental.