Protecting Your Handcrafted Wooden Boat From The Elements

If you have a custom-made wooden boat, additional care over time can keep your boat in good working condition and safe from the elements. Handcrafted boats might need a more specialized upkeep than standard, manufactured models. Here are four precautions you should always take to keep wooden boats free from damage caused by the elements over time.

1. Protecting Your Boat When out of Water

If you keep your wooden boat out of water for a portion of the year, it is important to take precautions to keep the wood from rotting or warping. Ventilation is important, so keep your boat up on pallets or on a trailer to prevent rotting. Opt for covered storage options such as a boathouse or a sturdy cover since handcrafted boats may be more sensitive to possible damage, even in a long-term storage.

2. Protecting Your Boat During the Summer Months

Extreme temperatures in the summer can cause damage to wooden boats if you aren't careful. While handcrafted boats might all be a little different in shape and size, it might be worth the extra money to have a boat cover custom-made for your vessel. In the summer, a breathable canvas cover can protect your boat and let the wooden interior get air at the same time. Lighter colors are recommended to deflect heat, which can cause wood to warp.

3. Protecting Your Boat from Storms and Chill

Handcrafted wooden boats should be given a little extra attention in the fall so that it is ready for the winter months. This includes taking down sails and equipment from your boat and storing them for the colder season. You should remove covers periodically and let your boat get some ventilation throughout the winter. Check for any moisture spots after storms to ensure your handcrafted boat stays free from rot and mold.

4. Protecting Your Boat from Water-Based Issues

If your wooden boat will be in the water for most of the summer or even year-round, it is a good idea to do some preventative wood maintenance. Rot can be caused by fungus in the wood, which is something to think about if you are building or replacing parts of your boat. Ventilation and varnish can both combat rotting, so proper construction is key. Touching up your vessel in the springtime with new varnish or paint can help your boat stay intact on the water.

A handcrafted wooden boat is something you should be able to show off when on the water. Maintaining your boat throughout the year can keep your unique boat looking great and in the best condition possible. For more information on handcrafted wooden boats, contact a company like Beebe Boatworks.