3 Reasons To Have Your Warehouse Tested For Lead

Lead is a dangerous and toxic metal that was widely popular in construction until recent decades. It was commonly used in paint and other construction materials, but was outlawed due to its many health concerns. Lead when ingested can cause damage to the kidneys, liver, and other parts of the body, making it very important to make sure people are not exposed to it. If you own a warehouse it's important to have it inspected for elements of lead so you can protect your employees and properly ventilate your facility. Here are 3 reasons to test your warehouse for lead.

Employees are complaining of ailments

Lead in construction is most commonly found in paint, and children and adults alike can become contaminated with the dangerous substance by ingesting paint particles or debris. Employees may begin complaining of stomach upset, dizziness, sweating, or weakness, particularly if they work in enclosed areas of your warehouse, such as the loading bay. Have your employees tested for lead poisoning to see if lead may be a factor along with having your warehouse professionally inspected for the metal.

Your warehouse is older

If your warehouse was constructed prior to 1978, it may be more at risk for containing lead parts than a newer warehouse. When lead paint and other materials were banned in this time frame, some supplies were continued in use until they were gone to avoid waste. To be on the safe side, even if no one complains of illness and most of your warehouse has been upgraded since its original build, have your older building inspected for lead.

The building has no lead testing history

The only exception to this rule would be if your warehouse was built recently and you are the original owner. Otherwise, if you have purchased your warehouse and have no recorded history of any lead testing done on it, it's wise to have the work done now for liability reasons. This is a wise investment toward protecting your staff and building.

If you are concerned about the presence of lead in your warehouse, you will want to discuss the problem with your business lawyer so you can correct any issues right away. Having your building inspected for lead helps protect your employees and provides a safer environment for everyone to work in. If you have doubts about whether your warehouse has a lead toxicity issue or not, get an inspection just to be on the safe side.