Putting Stuffed Animals Into Storage? 3 Tips To Follow

Self-storage is a great way to hold onto all of those things that you don't want in your house or apartment anymore. This is especially true of kids toys that they have outgrown, but you may want to hold onto until your next child is born. Stuffed animals are an item that are a good candidate for self-storage, but they need to be stored properly if you want them to come out the same way they went in. Here are 3 tips to follow when putting them in storage.

Clean The Stuffed Animals

If dirt is left on a stuffed animal, it can cause a stain to become permanent after it is in storage for a long time. With kids being known to have sticky hands, there could even be soil on the stuffed animals that attracts pests to them, destroying the toys while they are in storage.

Be sure to look over each stuffed animal before it is put into storage. Many kinds of stuffed animals are easy to wash and can even be thrown into a washing machine. If not, spot clean the item using a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using an oil or alcohol based cleaner on stuffed animals that have plastic on them, since these cleaners could cause damage. Once finished, make sure any stuffed animal you washed has completely dried before they are put away, since mildew can cause problems.

Use The Correct Container

The main things that can ruin a stuffed animal in storage are pests and moisture. Storage units are typically dry, but humidity can be problematic. Minimize the humidity by using a storage unit that has climate controls.

For the container that the stuffed animals go into, avoid using cardboard since it can absorb the moisture in the air. Plastic is always better. If you want to use cardboard, you can put the stuffed animals within a garbage bag inside the box, which will fend off any moisture. Plastic also helps keep pests away as well.

Do Not Overstuff Containers

Stuffed animals may be flexible, but you should not stuff as many of them as you can into a small container. If you do, the stuffed animal could lose its shape from years of being squished down into a tiny ball. Always place them loosely into a container and avoid stuffing more in than what will fit into the container naturally.

For more tips about storing items like stuffed animals, reach out to a local storage facility such as Diaz Super Storage.