Tips For Loading A Moving Truck

Whether you are moving across town or clear across the country, a moving truck can make short work of the process since you will only need to deal with a single load. Box truck rentals are the most budget friendly way to go because you won't need to pay for drivers to move your belongings. If you decide to also pack the truck yourself, you need to know the proper method so that your items are safe and the truck isn't off balance.

Tip #1: Load heavy appliances first

Heavy items, such as your large appliances or heavy wooden furniture items, should be placed in the truck first so that they are up against the cab. This centers the weight of the load, which makes the truck easier to handle and prevents it from shimmying or fishtailing when you turn.

Tip #2: Go light along the sides

The sides of the truck is the place for your lightest items. These items will be resting over the wheels, so you don't want to place a lot of weight on the shocks in this area. Instead, place things like your mattress and box spring along the side of the truck. You can also stack boxes of lightweight items, such as linens, along the sides.

Tip #3: Place weighty boxes down the center

Heavy boxes of books and kitchen items are best placed low in the truck and down the center. This will help center the load and also prevent the truck from pulling or swaying. You can also place heavier furniture items down the center of the truck.

Tip #4: Use your tie downs

Box trucks generally have tie down loops at intervals down the entire length of the cargo area. At each set of loops, take a rope and stretch it between tie downs from one side of the truck to the other to create a net. This will help prevent items from shifting in the event that the truck isn't packed completely full.

Tip #5: Fill the gaps

It's best to attempt to fill any gaps in the load when possible so that items don't shift. You can do this by stuffing blankets into the gaps between furniture items and boxes. If you don't have sufficient blankets for the job, you can rent moving blankets and use them for this purpose. Another option is to use wide straps instead of ropes in the tie down loops to secure your load. The wider straps will do a better job of holding items in place so they don't shift too much.

For more help, contact a moving truck company in your area.