Food Conventions: 3 Ways To Enhance The Appearance Of Tastings

A food tasting involves more than just the flavor of the food. When planning a food tasting convention, your display and decorations can go a long way in creating a pleasing atmosphere for visitors and guests. Along with creating delicious-tasting foods, you can plan out a number of different display elements to capture the essence of the meal. To help create this atmosphere, there are three specific things that you can plan for. Each option allows you to present the food, invigorate the senses, and create a successful mood throughout the whole convention. Follow these tips to help craft the custom design elements for your convention and the food that you are presenting.

Copper Table Toppers

When presenting food on a table, there is a big difference between plastic tables and disposable plates when compared to elegant serving trays and table toppers. The use of table toppers can make a huge difference in the presentation of food. It adds a fancy touch, especially when using metal-based toppers like copper. A copper finish is great for all types of food including meats and fruits. The copper color pairs well with silver or fine China serving trays. It allows the food to stand out among the decorations.

Copper table toppers are also easy to clean and wipe off. This allows your tables to look clean and clutter-free throughout a whole convention. When ordering the toppers, they can be custom-fit to go on multiple types of tables. This helps eliminate stains, wrinkles, and bunched up areas on table cloths.

Real Food Elements

You can display the freshness and quality of food ingredients by displaying real food elements on different table displays. For example, if you're serving fruit salad or fruit-based desserts, then it's a good idea to display whole lemons, oranges, or strawberries right near the serving tray. This can help exude freshness and flavors as the senses are invigorated. Along with placing them right on the table topper, you can take the elegant display one step further by showcasing the items in small glass display pieces. Small glass bowls or vases can be used to showcase the items without making contact with other foods.

Display Accessories

A number of display elements can be used to enhance the look for food. For example, you can place risers on the table for serving trays to be set on. These risers will lift the food off the table and give it a more elegant look as people go to eat it. Fancy accessories like special toothpicks or small forks can also enhance the tasting. If the guests feel like they are eating fancy food, then they will enjoy it more.