Creating Custom Packaging Options For Your Cosmetics Store: Four Fun Ideas

Cosmetics and beauty supply purchases are often luxury purchases, and packaging these items in attractive custom bags helps to create a more upscale shopping experience. Here are just a few ways you can use custom bags to make your cosmetics or beauty supply store stand out.

Custom GWP Bags

"Gifts with purchase" (GWPs) are one way you can increase sales in your store. When a customer buys a certain number of items, they get a free gift. Packaging the free gift in a custom GWP bag can make the free gift more exciting. Consider using small fabric cosmetics bags, which can be reused, and have them customized with your shop's name. This gives your customers a handy way to store their new cosmetics while adding a bonus to the gift-with-purchase promotion.

Ribbon-Handled Shopping Bags

Create a more upscale look for bagged items by placing them in custom, ribbon-handled shopping bags. Choose a signature color for your shop to use on each bag, and have your business name and logo printed on them. For a more personalized look, purchase colored tissue paper to coordinate with the bags. Wrap items individually in the tissue paper, and add a few extra sheets on top to create a gift bag look. Not only does this make each purchase look special, but it also makes the items ready to present as a gift. Your custom bag supplier may even be able to create custom tissue paper with your company's name on it for a unique look.

Custom Toiletry Bags For New Products

When you introduce a new product line in your shop, build a bit of excitement by placing purchased items in custom toiletry bags. Choose bags that are sized to meet TSA guidelines for airport security, and opt for see-through bags with a bit of color tint. The bags can be reused by your customers when they travel, and your name and business logo can be seen by those in the security lines, which helps to spread awareness of your brand. Be sure to use tissue paper to wrap the items in the bags for a beautiful finishing touch.

Cellophane Bags

For customers purchasing cosmetics, consider placing custom cellophane bags with your company logo near your cosmetics displays. Customers can then place lipsticks, eyeliners and other small items in the bag, making it easier to carry a lot of items through your store. The items can be placed in a larger shipping bag at checkout, and the cellophane bags keep the cosmetics neatly organized.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your bagging and packaging ideas. Ribbons, bows, gift bags and boxes can be customized to create upscale looks for your products. Be sure to include your business name on all your custom bags to help brand your business.