3 Tips For Cost Effective Business Shipping

If your business model requires you to primarily ship your products, finding the least expensive yet most efficient shipping methods should be one of your top priorities. The following tips can help you improve your delivery methods while saving your business lots of cash:


If you do not have an automation system in place for your products, you could potentially be wasting hours of your valuable time. An automation system will allow you to enter customer information one time only, allowing that information to appear on all necessary forms. This will increase your accuracy because it prevents mistakes if you accidentally enter one incorrect number when filling out the shipping label. Take some time to research different online shopping cart systems that will easily integrate with your preferred shipping method, whether it is the postal service or a private shipping service.

Research Before Allowing International Shipping

While the online business world allows you to do business virtually anywhere in the world, it is crucial that you carefully research your shipping options before you begin to sell internationally. Overseas shipping is more complex than you realize. You cannot simply address a box and drop it in the mail. The items you ship will need to be specially labeled based on the country you are shipping to and are often subject to additional taxes and fees. Customs will also play a role in your shipping. One way to make this easier for you is to allow the international customer to choose their preferred shipping method and have them pay the proper fees. Also, be sure that the option they choose will allow for tracking in the event the package becomes lost. International shipping will also take much longer than domestic shipping, which your customer should be aware of before purchasing from you. You may want to include a disclaimer on your invoice or on your website about your international shipping times.

Pay Attention To Flat Rate Shipping

Many shipping options will provide some form of flat rate shipping for you to use. This has its advantages, but there are also some drawbacks. The advantage for you is the fact that you can easily input shipping charges in your computer system so that you will know exactly how much to charge the customer. However, flat shipping can be a more costly option, depending on the item you are mailing. If you have a very lightweight package, flat shipping may cost more than shipping it by weight. Invest in a good shipping scale to determine which shipping option would be best both for you and your customer.

Stay ahead of the game when it comes to shipping. The rules are often very fluid and can change in terms of price and logistics at any time. Keep your options open when it comes to carriers in the event that you decide to change it up. For more information, visit sites like http://www.apsbox.com.