The Basic Rules Of Building A Reputable Writer Reputation Online

Whether you are an up-and-coming writer or you have already established your footing in the physical world, building your online presence is vital to professional writer success in the modern world. Building your online presence is only effective if you have a presence that is reputable, so you must make sure that your efforts are tackled in just the right ways. There are a few simple rules that you should keep in mind as you are working towards being a writer presence in the Internet marketing world. 

1. Make sure your website is easy to find. 

You can build the most attractive website ever, complete with writing samples and an extraordinary bio, but if your site is not easy to find, potential clients may assume that you are a low-grade professional--if they ever find you at all. For this reason, it is crucial that you utilize SEO, or search engine optimization, to boost the rankings of your site. You can make use of SEO by:

  • implementing a blog that is rich with SEO content
  • working with an SEO firm to boost your site rankings
  • keeping your website as functional as possible, without glitches or problems

2. Be present to interact with your potential clients and customers.

Whether you have created a social media profile specifically dedicated to your profession as a writer or you have a fully functional website where interested clients can reach out to you, in order to build a good reputation as a writer, you have to be fully present. If clients and customers reach out to you and it takes days for you to respond, it will reflect poorly on you as a professional. People may assume that you disregard the importance of timely communication, which is never a good attribute when clients will need to rely on you for timely work completion. 

3. Be transparent with your pricing.

Being a professional writer means you join the ranks of many others who are going to be working to land the next paying client just as hard as you. When a client goes looking for a writer to fulfill their needs, they will be sifting through many different professionals to find the right fit. Therefore, what you charge per piece or per word will be an important piece of information from the get-go. Be transparent with your pricing and it will be more likely that clients and customers will not only find you trustworthy but will be more likely to contact you at all.