3 Reasons To Consider Custom Pallets

Consumer products must be shipped from a manufacturing facility to a retail outlet in order to be made available to the public. Protecting items during shipping is a top priority for any manufacturer.

A lot of products are loaded onto pallets to create parcels of uniform size that can easily be stacked in a trailer. Generic pallets can be used for many products, but there are some products that can benefit from the use of custom-made pallets.

Learn more about the benefits that custom pallets can offer so that you will be prepared to determine if custom pallets are the right option for your shipping needs.

1. Custom Dimensions

Generic pallets come in a single size. If the products that you are manufacturing don't fit onto the pallet, you could find yourself without proper shipping support.

Many manufacturers have actually been forced to change the overall design of their products in order to accommodate the need to ship products on pallets. With custom-made pallets, you have the option of securing pallets that fit the exact dimensions of the products that you manufacture.

A pallet with custom dimensions can offer maximum support for your products throughout the shipping process.

2. Maximized Storage

Products that have been loaded onto a pallet are typically stored in a warehouse while they await shipping. Warehouse space can be limited for many companies, so maximizing the use of space within a warehouse facility is important.

Atypical products that are loaded onto generic pallets often can't be stacked on top of one another. This limits the amount of products that you can keep in your warehouse at any given time.

Custom pallets allow for products to be stacked neatly and efficiently while awaiting shipping. You won't have to worry about wasted space inside your warehouse when you invest in custom pallets.

3. Enhanced Branding

Branding is a critical component in the success of any company. The more you can get your company's logo and marketing message into the market, the more successful your company will be over time.

Custom pallets provide you with a unique outlet for branding your products. You can have your company's logo and marketing message printed directly onto your custom pallets.

Since pallets change hands multiple times during the shipping process, being able to brand your pallets gives you the ability to reach a wide audience without investing in additional advertising or marketing products.